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Every student has the ability to thrive, and all students, regardless of identity or need, deserves personalized social-emotional support to maximize their happiness and potential. 

Our Purpose

Our Name

Every one of us has had that moment where we walk into a lunchroom, a classroom, onto a bus, or in social settings and aren’t sure where to sit and if we’ll be accepted. It’s a moment of vulnerability but also a moment of opportunity when a seat is enthusiastically offered. When students access OpenSeat’s app, our goal is to ensure there are effective coaches available when a student needs them.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that student wellbeing is the great accelerator of learning at school and happiness in life

  • We believe that access to 1-on-1 coaching is a powerful accelerant of student wellbeing

  • We believe that access to high-quality personalized support should be available to all students in this country

  • We believe that markers of identity matter; student access to professionals with shared backgrounds of race, gender, sexuality, and life experiences can have a profound impact

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